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Who Needs a Tree Removal Professional

Many people assume that you only need to bring in an arborist or a professional tree company to take away a dead tree or one that has actually already fallen down.

Whilst of course that is true there are also a range of other things that can negatively affect a tree, and mean that it may need to be chopped down and taken away.


Accidental Damage

Trees are by their nature pretty tough customers. At the same time, they are not invulnerable to damage, and they can often struggle to fully recover from accident damage.

In the aftermath of a major incident like a collision with a car, you should really have the tree inspected by a professional to assess the damage and see if the tree will recover – or should be removed before it becomes a hazard.

Awesome video below:

Yard work Accidents

Another way trees can be permanently damaged is during yard work. One of my buddies once told me to always be careful when using a lawnmower around the base of a tree. Another example is a motorized weed trimmer – the type with a spinning blade or wire.

Both types of equipment can cause serious damage to the bark, the trunk and even the root system of a tree. This damage can build up over time causing the tree to weaken, even die – again becoming a hazard.

Storm Damage

Some storm damage is of course easy to see – if the tree has toppled over for example, it is probably going to need to be removed.

Other damage can be more hidden however – but just as serious for the long term life of the tree. One big indication of hidden tree damage is if the tree takes on a lean. This means that the tree being bent against strong winds has damaged the root system. Again, a professional can tell you if the tree will recover – or should be removed.

Poor Positioning

Finally, where the tree is planted can have a big impact on its life span. If for example, the soil is too sandy, as the tree grows taller the root systems will struggle to establish a stable base making the tree more likely to topple in high winds.

A professional can evaluate the positioning of a tree – both before or after it has been planted. They can further advise if the tree is in a dangerous position, and should thus be cut down before it falls down.


So if you see the signs of any of these, the best advice is to contact a professional tree service company to get them out for an inspection. In many circumstances, they can often offer remedial services to repair the tree and it get to back to health.

If they can’t, they can also provide quotes to cut down and take away the tree safely and quickly before it can become a hazard to people and property.