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Kangen water, also known as alkaline ionized water, is a specific type of purified water with health benefits based on its unique molecular structure. Its pH level is much higher than regular drinking water due to the way that it has been cycled and treated within the kangen water machine. Health-conscious individuals who are looking for an alternative to regular drinking water have been discovering Kangen water and raving about it in droves.


Definition of Kangen Water

Kangen literally translates from Japanese to “returning to origin”, referring to the process by which crucial minerals are reintroduced into the water to create a balanced state. Kangen Water starts off as regular tap or spring water which then passes through several stages of filtration and purification. It goes through several additional steps including electrolysis before becoming the so called Kangen water.

According to Kangen Water 1412 during electrolysis, the water is split into an alkaline and acidic streams, the stronger the power of this reaction, the higher the difference of pH levels between the two streams. The drinkable water is anywhere between 8 and 9.5pH depending on personal preference. The end result is an alkaline rich, mineral infused product that many have claimed can offer significant health benefits when consumed regularly.


Benefits of Drinking Water

According to a 2016 study, drinking adequate amounts of plain old fashioned H2O has long been associated with a range of benefits like improved cognitive function and better skin hydration (1), but there are even greater advantages when you choose alkaline ionized and delicious Kangen Water instead:

  • Neutralizes acidic toxins
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces risk of chronic disease
  • Enhances absorption of food and supplements

Learn about more potential benefits from the video below:


The Differences between Kangen and Regular Drinking Water

When comparing Kangen Water with regular drinking water there are three key differences: source, alkalinity and purification process.

Sources of the Waters

Kangen Water begins as regular tap or spring water whereas most other bottled waters start out from natural sources like lakes, rivers or groundwater springs that naturally contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium amongst others. As these bottled waters often don’t go through any additional filtration process their mineral content remains intact making them slightly more beneficial for your body than filtered tap or springwaters (i.e., what Kangen starts out as).


Alkaline Levels in the Waters

Regular drinking water typically has a neutral pH balance (7); however, Kangen’s range varies depending upon personal preference but generally falls between 8 – 9.5 pH . The higher levels make it far better at neutralizing acids present in our bodies – an important factor when trying to prevent chronic ailments from developing over time.


Purification Processes

To further add value for those who drink it both beverages go through some form of purification processes before becoming consumable; however all other bottled waters pretty much stop here hence maintaining their original minerals content but not necessarily rendering them germ free unlike certain types of Kangen Water which continue onto ultraviolet radiation cleansing allowing them too remove bacteria & fungi along with heavy metals & other pollutants that can sometimes be present in untreated sources – this makes it stand apart from other bottled waters available on shelves today even if they claim ‘naturalness’ due to their original source(s).

On top of that regular drinking waters also goes through chlorination processes prior to being distributed commercially – something not done so extensively with most bottled waters nor with kangen since chlorine does tend create undesirable odors/flavors that could potentially mask its naturally occurring sweet taste whereas treatments like ozone ensure complete removal without introducing any residuals into final product itself – giving added benefit consumers who may need more sanitary means providing potable liquid refreshment their homes/workplaces alike regardless season/location where reside… yet another point difference between two would be fact canned varieties usually far less expensive than bottle equivalents despite being virtually the same thing when it comes down to quality.


A big, beautiful tree in your yard is more than just an aesthetic statement. Many homeowners feel connected to their trees, and feel they have become part of their homes.

Memories can be made reading in its shade, swinging from its branches, or climbing the trunk. So the possibility of having to remove the tree is often a painful decision. But there are ways to take care of the tree you love, and give it a better chance of survival. Check out our tree maintenance tips to help prevent the possibility of chopping down your favorite tree.

Quick Note: I have received a couple of questions from tree service start-ups about the looks of a website for their companies. Something that’s not too expensive, easy to navigate and effective when it comes to getting business. I personally like simple layouts with navigation at the top that doesn’t move as you scroll the page, easy to see phone number posted multiple times on each page and an estimate form for after hour requests to-be answered the next day. For example this tree service website has all those features, but I would avoid the large image (in the header) at the very top of the page. The rest I would definitely keep. Moving on…


Regular Pruning

The branches of trees may need to be removed for all kinds of reasons. A branch may have been partially snapped off during a storm, and is creating a dangerous hazard.

The branches may be too long, and could potentially damage your home or a neighbor’s home if bad weather comes through. You may also find that a couple of the branches are infested with insects or disease, and need to be cut off to save the life of the whole tree. Calling a certified arborist and tree removal company will ensure you receive an expert opinion regarding your tree. They have the ability to catch problems early and remove them, thus offering a better chance that the tree will survive for a many years.

tree being cut down

Fertilizer and Mulch

Trees seem like such hearty plants, you may not think they need fertilizing or mulching the same way a garden might. But regular upkeep by a certified arborist gives a tree a much better chance of survival. Mulching a tree actually helps to reduce normal environmental stress, and creates an environment for the roots that is more stable and strong. An unstable root environment is a common reason trees need to be cut down. Fertilizing your tree during the winter months provides additional nutrients to the roots, which can be very beneficial for a tree that is growing in poor soil.

Consult with a certified arborist about the condition of your tree, and decide what maintenance will be right for you. Once the tree is removed, be sure to take care of the stump. Here’s a great resource to get you going!


Fungicides and Insecticides

If your backyard tree is planted close to other trees, the spread of fungi and nasty insects can happen more easily from plant to plant. To prevent this spread from occurring, a certified arborist can assess the area and determine if a fungicide or insecticide spray is appropriate. Insecticides are especially important to use early. Often the offspring of the insects will live inside the tree, undetected. Spraying the tree before the larvae reach adulthood and emerge on the surface of the tree is essential to the tree’s survival. Trees with visible insects almost always need to be completely removed. Using these sprays early can greatly reduce the chances of diseases spreading to your tree, and lessen the chance that you will have to chop it down.


Tree maintenance can seem daunting, but with an arborist assisting you, the process is much less intimidating. Proper care and early detection are the best ways to ensure your large, statement tree remains a central part of your home life for many years to come.…

Many people assume that you only need to bring in an arborist or a professional tree company to take away a dead tree or one that has actually already fallen down.

Whilst of course that is true there are also a range of other things that can negatively affect a tree, and mean that it may need to be chopped down and taken away.


Accidental Damage

Trees are by their nature pretty tough customers. At the same time, they are not invulnerable to damage, and they can often struggle to fully recover from accident damage.

In the aftermath of a major incident like a collision with a car, you should really have the tree inspected by a professional to assess the damage and see if the tree will recover – or should be removed before it becomes a hazard.

Awesome video below:

Yard work Accidents

Another way trees can be permanently damaged is during yard work. One of my buddies once told me to always be careful when using a lawnmower around the base of a tree. Another example is a motorized weed trimmer – the type with a spinning blade or wire.

Both types of equipment can cause serious damage to the bark, the trunk and even the root system of a tree. This damage can build up over time causing the tree to weaken, even die – again becoming a hazard.

Storm Damage

Some storm damage is of course easy to see – if the tree has toppled over for example, it is probably going to need to be removed.

Other damage can be more hidden however – but just as serious for the long term life of the tree. One big indication of hidden tree damage is if the tree takes on a lean. This means that the tree being bent against strong winds has damaged the root system. Again, a professional can tell you if the tree will recover – or should be removed.

Poor Positioning

Finally, where the tree is planted can have a big impact on its life span. If for example, the soil is too sandy, as the tree grows taller the root systems will struggle to establish a stable base making the tree more likely to topple in high winds.

A professional can evaluate the positioning of a tree – both before or after it has been planted. They can further advise if the tree is in a dangerous position, and should thus be cut down before it falls down.


So if you see the signs of any of these, the best advice is to contact a professional tree service company to get them out for an inspection. In many circumstances, they can often offer remedial services to repair the tree and it get to back to health.

If they can’t, they can also provide quotes to cut down and take away the tree safely and quickly before it can become a hazard to people and property.…

The Steeler Nation today sits in waiting on a word from Ben Roethlisberger. The minutes feel like hours, the hours feel like days and the days feel like years. But today, Pittsburgh sits in waiting. After the playoffs, Roethlisberger made a statement that had Steeler Fans, Football Fans and Sports Fans, in general, back on their heels. At a press conference, after taking a loss with the team, that ultimately cost them a spot in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, he said “IF there is a next season…” – Wait a second… did the man actually say “IF?”  This statement sent the social media world into a frenzy and the conversations ensued about what a 2017 Steeler Season “might look like” if, in fact, he doesn’t return. No doubt, he would be difficult to replace.


My buddy Alan Barnes, a local business owner even said that Football Fans, and moreover Steeler Fans across the country, have grown accustomed to “Big Ben” always just being there. He has become a very important facet of the game and a powerful force the Steelers to put up against any opponent. He has taken the team to new heights after being drafted to the Steelers in 2004, as a rookie quarterback. Wanna chat with Alan about his statement? You can find his contact info on their website. By the way, the Miami College (Ohio) student who was a First Round pick, has made good for the team throughout his stellar career and has done his part to give something that Steeler Fans can feel good about letting their ‘terrible towel’ fly for. He has made three Super Bowl appearances with the team, bringing home two Super Bowl wins to Pittsburgh, both in Super Bowl XL and Super Bowl XLIII. He’s made several Pro-Bowl performances and has been noted as being one of the best passers of the game. That is quite the accomplishment.

But, his outstanding career track today sits in the shadows as we wait for a word from him or his reps. He says he is taking some much-needed time off to rest, re-group and decide how he wants to move forward. In a recent statement, he said “I want to re-evaluate things. I want to be sure that I am in a good place when I retire and walk away healthy, and not get ‘carted’ off.” He has stated that he is not making any decisions about the 2017 season but is also not committing to playing, as of late. The coaches and staff have been questioned many times about this, since the news broke, and all anyone can say is “If he shows up for work next season, well, then there is your answer. We know as much as you do.” Close sources say it is unlikely that he will retire and return as a player for another team, but if he did, he will mostly likely take the high road and retire the way that Hines Ward did – forever a Steeler. Undoubtedly, if he chooses not to suit up this year, his presence on the field will be missed by many – his teammates, the staff and his fans. But as we all know, the show must (AND WILL) go on.…

Among all the travel destinations of the world, United States of America is most visited. There are some good reasons why USA is the home to rich and the famous. Tourism industry is really flourishing in the USA owing to the presence of so many travel destinations. Well, I had this childhood dream to visit USA and finally got a chance. My stay in the USA lasted for 40 days during which I created the best memories, touring all prominent places. Believe me! I explored the best of this world by touring America.

Since my childhood I believed that USA is all about car parked streets, as seen in the Television and the movies, but when I went there I noticed America being more complex and diverse. The scintillating country is the home to around 3.5 million people belonging to various climates and landscapes. It has natural parks, big city skyscrapers and has people from several ethnic groups. Through my USA tour, I wanted to discover the big blue skies, enjoy the road trips, take utmost advantage of sightseeing opportunities. I wanted to see pristine natural areas, parks, museums, towers and structures, and believe me it was the trip of my life. I shopped till my heart’s content and indeed this landscape has many things to offer to an avid traveler like me. I saw magnificent highways that led through mountain peaks, deserts, giant urban centers and fertile fields. Let me discus out some of the places I liked the most here.

My travel itinerary included a visit to all the important cities like New York, Florida, Las Vegas, Miami and Boston. Some of the places I enjoyed the most are Central Park, Bellagio Fountains, Top of the Rock Observation Deck, Walt Disney World Resort, Alcatraz Island, Sea World Orlando, and The High Lane. I had my kids with me and so I was wondering what places to tour. My travel agent proved a great help here as he gave me the list of places I could visit along with my kids. Believe Me! I was spoiled for choices as it was hard to make selection among so many places. I headed towards the national Parks of California and discovered the beautiful cities and towns. I based my day’s trip in a large metropolitan city in New York, the fashion city. I shopped endlessly here for fashion items like dresses, perfumes, jewelry and cosmetics. Apart from shopping, I could discover various kid friendly places like the water parks, the national parks, kids’ play areas. I had great opportunity to take beautiful pictures here. The Magic Kingdom Park, the famous theme park, topped my list of must-visit places.

There are plenty of things to do and see in America. My trip was really adventurous and I am looking forward to visit it again in the next year. My travel itinerary comprised of a visit to parks, museums, historical sites and zoo. I also enjoyed the snow capped mountains, desolate deserts, wildlife watching and tropical beaches here.